CEO’s Message

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Islands are not just getaways, they are living art

The first time I stayed on a private island, I was 11 years old and visiting the cottage of a family friend in Georgian Bay, Ontario. There were three small, undeveloped islands near the main property and we managed to convince our parents to let us camp overnight on one of them. It was so exciting to be on my own island, I barely slept! I could not stop thinking about how amazing it would be to experience this sense of tranquility and adventure all the time.

My company was inspired by that magical moment along with the adult realization that many other people share my love for the simple pleasures of island life. Even the most die-hard urban dwellers sometimes feel the need to reconnect with nature in a way that is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the mainland. Private Islands helps clients create their own sanctuary away from the prying eyes and bustle of the world.

Over the years, the diverse qualities of the private island industry have prompted us to experiment with innovative marketing and the latest technologies, resulting in an increasing number of websites, products, and services. Private Islands Magazine, a glossy biannual that celebrated its 10th print edition in 2013, showcases the most stunning properties on the market. My involvement as executive producer and host on HGTV’s “Island Hunters” series has helped bring private islands to an even wider mainstream audience.

The passion of my fellow island enthusiasts motivates me every day to continue developing new ways to move the industry forward. In the future, look for even greater collaborative efforts among our network of brokers, including in-house island development projects, investment trusts, and involvement in the growing area of man-made private island real estate.

Once you’ve been swept away by the romance of island living, it’s impossible to shake.

Chris Krolow
CEO and Founder, Private Islands Inc.