Exclusive Partnership

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The Full Force of Our Marketing Efforts

Finding a buyer for your island requires more than placing it on a website or listing with a local real estate agent. Many people are enamored with the idea of private island ownership, but few of them will ever follow through. We specialize in finding the dreamers who really will buy an island of their own – wherever in the world they might live – and connecting them with your special property.

Our multi-layered marketing platform generates unparalleled global exposure: Private Islands Online draws more than 4 million visitors annually and has 60,000 subscribers; we have 100,000 readers for our glossy magazine; and we’re now reaching millions of viewers through the popular HGTV series “Island Hunters.” Through strategic placement, we can create continuous momentum and prevent your island from languishing on the market. We also work with a pool of the most successful, reputable island/waterfront real estate agents in the industry, and will consult with them as regionally appropriate.

Due to the substantial investment on the part of Private Islands Inc., the Exclusive Marketing Partnership is available at our discretion. Please contact us to learn more.


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