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Your Island on Private Islands Online

Once the idea of having an island to call your own embeds itself in your consciousness, it’s hard to shake. There is a romanticism that accompanies private islands more than any other type of real estate. When that inspiration strikes, a search engine is the first place people turn to see what’s out there. Type in “private islands” or “islands for sale” and you’ll find our website at the top of the list.

Private Islands Online showcases more than 500 islands available for sale and more than 200 islands available for rent, making it a one-of-a-kind marketplace for the industry. Since it was established in 1999, this dynamic website has unified all aspects of the private island real estate business to create the ultimate global resource for buyers, sellers, and media.

Approximately 4 million island enthusiasts visit the site annually, taking advantage of its search capabilities, expert information, and listings that are often unavailable anywhere else. It’s as simple as typing in a region of the world, and an array of private island offerings appear. If your island isn’t listed here, then it might as well not be for sale.


Islands Priced Under US$ 1 Million  –  US$ 375  (one time fee, no referral or commissions)
Islands Priced Over US$ 1 Million  –  US$ 575  (one time fee, no referral or commissions)
Islands Priced Over US$ 10 Million  –  US$ 875 (one time fee, no referral or commissions)



Monthly Newsletter with Over 60,000 Subscribers

The Private Islands newsletter takes your online marketing even further. Each month our 60,000 subscribers receive a newsletter that highlights six unique properties, discusses trends in investment regions, and provides updates on our company’s projects alongside offerings from our advertising partners. This is the online news source of choice for island owners and avid travelers. Our subscriber list includes politicians, celebrities, and other taste leaders across all industries. Now entering its tenth year, the newsletter is both a successful advertising tool and a key way to keep in touch with our global network.


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