Selling Your Island


Selling Your Island

In our years of marketing island real estate, we’ve learned that the magical feeling of seclusion from the world that makes islands so appealing also results in challenges for sellers. Each region presents different opportunities and each island is as unique as the discriminating clients who seek them out. It’s crucial to understand these nuances in order to appeal to the right potential buyers.


Know your target market

Large islands with few development restrictions that are located in vibrant tourism regions should be marketed with developers in mind and framed as investments. Smaller properties with a fully developed home that have heavy restrictions are more likely to appeal to individuals or families seeking second residences.

Is your market local, international, or a combination of both?

The type of promotion you will require to successfully sell your island depends on these considerations. Islands with a strong local market, such as in popular North American vacation areas, may require less (but more targeted) promotion. Islands in tropical countries where no genuine local market exists should have a broad marketing strategy aimed at international investors.


Maintain marketing momentum for your island

We’ve seen it happen many times: an agent gets a new island listing, they advertise it in a few places, and after a few months, they lose interest and the listing stagnates. Fast forward a year, and the owner sells at a lower price than the island is worth or removes it from the market completely.

Because we own such a substantial range of marketing media for private islands, we can strategically roll out marketing as needed. For higher-profile islands, we may not advertise anywhere until we’ve reached out to all potential clients that have shown an interest in this kind of island. We use direct client referrals, our marketplace website, our newsletter, our biannual magazine, direct calls with local agents in the area, and in some cases, television – we have featured more than 50 islands for sale on network TV since 2012.

The island-selling season is short, but we can divvy up the marketing to ensure a consistent stream of interest and the highest price for your island.


Sell your island without public exposure

There are many reasons why an island owner does not want their offering made public. In this case, we suggest an exclusive arrangement with Private Islands Inc. This requires a hands-on approach where one of our regionally appropriate brokers will let potential clients know about the offering. We also create exclusive feature articles in Private Islands Magazine that showcase properties without ever using the words “for sale”; the narrative is enough to generate inquiries.


More marketing is not always better

When an island can be found in many places online, it reduces the sense of exclusivity that forms a key part of the allure of island ownership. It also becomes more difficult to update and control the listing information. Properties lose substantial credibility when they appear to have a variety of prices, sellers, and details. Private Islands Inc. provides a single, trusted marketplace for potential buyers, and actively maintains the integrity of properties by preventing our listings from being duplicated online.


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